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Revolutionize How You Make Products

NUMO is a manufacturing process platform that transforms the way companies bring products to market. We use data-driven and AI-enabled inference engines to automate activities that will help our clients (and us) create smart and connected products for a better tomorrow. 


What We Do

At Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), our mission is to be able to simulate circumstances using the virtual environment of digital threads and digital twins. This facilitates collaborative product development, proactive issues resolution and a customer centric solution enablement with a real time understanding of the situation as it develops. This enables us to appropriately add mechanisms in place to account for future conditions. Founded in Chicago, IL in 2021, NUMO is a company whose vision is to utilize intelligent techniques to build smart, connected, and sustainable products by pushing the edges of knowledge-based engineering, technology, data management, AI, and cybernetics. We will be creating new Ideation techniques, enabling Industry 4.0 (for smart connectivity and robotic automation), and adding to it the Industry and Services 5.0 (human-centric and sustainable products) framework for development, production, and commercialization.  We started our journey @mHUB in the heart of Chicago, a place that makes innovation and hardtech happen – where start-ups collaborate with experts, academia, and investors to bring to focus smart engineering in the new paradigm for a forever connected world. MxD is the design for manufacturing organization that transforms ideation into reality by enabling the deployment of smart solutions at scale utilizing IoT, tenets of cybersecurity and the future for supply chain operations. We plan to leverage both institutions and their legacies of cultivating communities of collaboration and connectivity between innovators, entrepreneurs, platform providers and manufacturers in our solutioning process.  We have and are in the process of developing key enterprise partnerships with Microsoft for Startups, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Sixth Sense for Innovation and NVIDIA Omniverse. We plan to leverage them along with OpenAI, PTC, Cockroach Labs and others by using their platforms, systems, and tools to compose the dynamic needs for the future of digital, innovation, process automation for Industry 4.0/5.0 and the Metaverse.

"Our Everything Connected theme enables connecting the dots between enterprise systems for an end-to-end holistic view to harmonize processes and optimize operations. "

– Nitin Uchil, Founder & CEO

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More Coming Soon...

We can't wait to share more!  

As we continue to scale NUMO, our site and its' offerings will continue to scale as well. We hope you come back to see the amazing growth taking place at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems in the coming months. 

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